Tragedy Strikes Team USA

Charlie Davies, a young and emerging star forward on the United States World Cup squad, was in an accident late last night in the Washington, DC area.  For more information, click here.


Bring the World Cup to Philly!

No matter what national team you root for we imagine you’d love to see the World Cup back in the US in 2018 or 2022, and to have games in Philadelphia to boot.

There’s two official petitions to sign, one to show your support for the US as host, and another for Philly to host games. Please sign both if you haven’t yet!

U.S. Petition
Philly Petition


Starfinder invites you to Meet Dani Moreno

For more information on Dani Moreno, please visit this link.


Who has a team name? We do!

It’s official! Your 2010 Philadelphia MLS club’s name is: the Philadelphia Union!

The team name was announced today, during a ceremony at City Hall, along with the team colors and team logos.

Philadelphia Union Primary LogoPhiladelphia Union Secondary Logo

During the ceremony, new VP of Communication for the Union, Carl Cherkin, explained that everything to do with the team name, colors and logos had an intended meaning.

The name Union was chosen by a fan poll and has a direct tie to the Philadelphia area. In 1776, this country’s founding father’s signed a document dedicated to the formation of “A more perfect union” in the then capital of the Thirteen Colonies, Philadelphia.

The team colors of navy and gold are directly tied to the colors of the Continental Army’s uniforms during the American Revolution. The light blue accent color on the team logo is connected to the same light blue on the Philadelphia civic flag.

The primary logo for the Union is circular, standing for unity. The thirteen gold stars are for the original Thirteen Colonies and the crest of the logo has a similar contour to the Philadelphia coat of arms.

Though the logo and name had been leaked a week or so prior to the unveiling, a major question about the Rattlesnake still loomed. The snake pays homage to a political cartoon featured in the Pennsylvania Gazette in 1754, drawn by Benjamin Franklin. On the team’s secondary logo, a banner with the Latin phrase “jungite aut perite” is featured. The phrase roughly translates into “Join or Die” and is the official team motto.


Hear Ye, Hear Ye!!

MLS Philadelphia is set to make another important announcement.  The new franchise is expected to unveil the team’s name, colors, and logo Monday, May 11.

The ceremony will take place at City Hall (15th and Market) at 11:30AM.  Mayor Michael Nutter may or may not show off some Beckham-like ball skills depending on how his hip is feeling.  Don’t miss it!

Those diehard, hardcore, one of a kind supporters — the SoBs — will be in attendance after a little pre-partying at McGillin’s.  Feel free to join the lads if you favor a little Guinness breakfast (first pint at 9am).



Everton FC To Take On MLS All-Stars

No more fish and chips!!

No more fish and chips!!

English Premier League squad and finalist for the 2009 FA Cup, Everton FC, will canoe across the ole pond this summer to take on the MLS All-Star team.

The July 29th match in Sandy, Utah — home to current Western Conference third place club Real Salt Lake — will be the sixth match between the MLS elite and an international opponent.  MLS All-Stars hold sway at the moment with a 5-0 record in international competition.  Everton FC will look to break the streak with the help of former MLS star and current U.S. National Team goalkeeper, Tim Howard.

The match is slated to air on ESPN2.

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