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Tragedy Strikes Team USA

Charlie Davies, a young and emerging star forward on the United States World Cup squad, was in an accident late last night in the Washington, DC area.  For more information, click here.


Red, White and Blue take first round against Mexico


The first game in a 10-game, round-robin, CONCACAF tournament to decide who gets the bids for the 2010 World Cup showcased Team USA and Team Mexico. This match featured two talented teams who flat out don’t like each other.

The first half started a little slow, with play taking place on both halves of the saturated field. Mexico had a big chance early after a missed clear by the U.S. but Dos Santos Ramirez Giovanni couldn’t get enough on it and the States’ Tim Howard made a big save. Just as the 20th minute began, the U.S. squad started to take control. Landon Donovan took a free-kick from about 23′ and just barely missed wide left. Then in the 31st minute, Mexican goaltender Oswaldo Javier Ibarra Sanchez made a big save after DeMarcus Beasley centered a ball into the box that was headed by Donovan back to Clint Dempsey, who fired a rocket from just inside the 18′.

Mexico would suffer a major loss in the 32nd minute when forward Nery Castillo would go down with a hamstring injury, causing him to come off for the match. Howard, who had been the key cog for the Red, White and Blue during the first half, made another big save in the 36th minute when Mexican forward Alberto Medina had a shot in the box.

The U.S. finally broke into the scoring column during the 43rd minute. Beasley took a corner and sent it through the box to the back post. Donovan wisely headed the ball back into the box. After a header attempt by Oguchi Onyewu was saved by Sanchez, Michael Bradley slammed the rebound into the back of the net, giving the lead, and first half to the North American squad.

bradley-goalThe second half started much the same as the first, with play going between the two ends. It was another good start of the half for Howard. He made a big save on a Mexican free-kick in the 47th minute and stopped a number of outlet passes that Mexico continued to miss. Dempsey stole a free ball in the 53rd minute and ran to the 18′, but a lack in support coupled with a good Mexico recovery, and the U.S. could not capitalize.

The 65th through 67th minute had the most action early on in the second half. A Dempsey foul gave Mexico a free-kick just outside the 40′ which was taken by Pavel Segura Pardo. Pardo centered the ball which was attempted on by Ricardo Mendoza Osorio. The ball traveled across the goal mouth to Israel Martinez, who had subbed-in earlier in the match for Castillo. As Martinez sent the ball back to the opposite side of the net, Osorio, who had fallen down, was laying on the ground and kicked at the ball, just grazing it, making it ricochet off the post and out the the 18′. Giovanni would fire a shot back towards the net, however it was blocked into the air and Howard made a play for the ball. While in the air, Howard was taken out by Mexican midfielder/defender Rafael Marquez, who received a Red Card for jumping and leading with the spikes of his boots, before knocking Howard hard to the ground. After this, things got a little more chippy. Frankie Hejduk made a hard slide tackle in the 68th minute, before Brian Ching was wacked in the face while being tackled in the 69th minute.

red-cardThough Mexico was down a man for the remainder of the match, you would have never known by ball control. The Mexican team played even harder as the minutes ticked down, putting plenty of pressure on Team USA and goaltender Tim Howard. Howard continued his stellar play, making a key save in the 80th minute to releive steady Mexican pressure.

howardBoth 19-year-old striker Jozy Altidore and midfielder Ricardo Clark would check into the game at the 83rd and 86th minute respectively. Altidore would make his presence known in stoppage time. During the 2nd minute of stoppage time, Altidore would find Donovan on the outside. With four green jerseys between him and the net, Donovan would find an old friend, Bradley, streaking down the center of the pitch. Bradley fired a blast right at Sanchez. Bradley’s cannon, coupled with some fairly strong english on the ball, caused the shot to drop at the last second, sneak under Sanchez and find the back of the net to put the match on ice. For Bradley, it was his 2nd goal of the match and his 4th in seven career qualifiers.

bradley-goal-2The U.S. moves to 41-0-10 against CONCACAF teams since 2001. For Mexico, a 2-0 shutout may put coach Sven-Goran Eriksson’s stint with the team in danger. Though he has a contract through January 2010, his 4-5-1 record has put him in hot water with both team officials and fans.

Despite not having young midfielder Freddy Adu, Team USA gained it’s first victory in the 10-game, round-robin tournament. It is yet to be seen if Bob Bradley will add the 19-year-old to future games, but what is known is that Team USA is playing hard and will look to get on a roll heading into the 2010 World Cup.


USA/Mexico battle in WC Qualifier

Bored Fans

It’s that time of year again friends. The time of year when everyone is in a sports slump. Football has just ended. Baseball is still some time away. Hockey and basketball still have half a season until the real excitement of the playoffs begin and March Madness isn’t until, well, March.

But for those of us who are, shall I say, well-rounded, this time this year means one thing, World Cup Qualifiers! Yes, it is time to start the 10-match journey to see who will be represented in the 2010 World Cup. Tonight is the first battle for team USA.


Tonight showcases a match-up between two tough  squads that have played fairly well in the last two WC Qualifiers: Team USA and Team Mexico.

The big question about the U.S. squad —  at least by those who do more than casually follow soccer — is, why no Fredua Koranteng Adu? (Also known as Freddy)

Freddy Adu

The 19-year-old midfielder is currently on loan to AS Monaco from S.L. Benfica, but more importantly, is NOT on coach Bob Bradley’s national squad. Adu, along with Jozy Altidore, were starting to showcase their talent for Bradley’s team during exhibitions late 2008. Yet Bradley left Adu off the 20-man squad for tonight’s contest, though Altidore was awarded a spot.

Landon Donovan is still the star attraction of the national team and will be competing in the match tonight, but Adu’s pure talent continues to beg the question as to why he is not featured right away. Perhaps Adu’s presence will be felt during the other WC Qualifiers, but for now, he will remain off the team.

Check back in tonight for a game recap. The game begins at 7:30 pm EST on ESPN 2.


Update: Nick Sakiewicz Chat

Philadelphia team owner Nick Sakiewicz held a hour and a half chat with Sons of Ben members on the current state of the team. Here are the important parts:

1. Stadium – The team will break ground on the new Chester Stadium sometime this fall, though no specific date has been announced. The field will be natural grass – NO TURF! (Sorry Vet-lovers) The stadium will feature a section dedicated to the SoB with their own tunnel leading to the section shrouded in SoB signage. The ownership wants to have Philly-based food options in the stadium (ala the Phillies and C.B. Park) and hopefully, as per Nick’s request, a pub with Boddingtons on tap! Cheers to that! Also, the team is still looking for a training facility because they will not train on the field.

2. Uniforms/Colors – The color scheme will be announced Fall 2008 and the ownership wants YOU to be involved in the colors and logo design. Kits, jerseys, and other merchandise will be available late 2009 with preliminary merchandise being released in late 2008.
3. Team Stuff – The team has already begun interviewing coaches but will not make a decision until 2009. The same goes for the players as the team has begun scouting and recruiting but no one will be signed until late 2009. Local players – time to get into shape. Philadelphia will have an Academy designed to groom and develop 200-250 young talents (ages 8-16) as well as the team will have a series of open tryouts and invite only player combines for local players in 2009.
4. Everything Else – The team is still working on a TV deal to broadcast all non-nationally televised games. The team will also try to bring international opponents to the stadium for tournaments and friendlies. Since the team will begin play in a World Cup year, the team will try to bring World Cup Qualifiers to the new stadium as long as US Soccer is OK with the deal. To that end, the team will also open up the stadium for World Cup events.

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