A “Difficult” Moment For Becks

With his loan to AC Milan coming to a close, David Beckham commented that his return to the Los Angeles Galaxy will be a “difficult” one.

It is increasingly apparent the England star would prefer to play closer to home.  Rumors have been kicked around regarding the possibility of Becks staying with Milan permanently, but no deal has been reached by the two clubs.

This blogger, for one, cannot argue with Mr. Beckham’s desire.  In the times I’ve watched him play here in the U.S. he often appeared frustrated, in my opinion, by the level of play.  Some may say David Beckham is a falling star, but he is still a force to be reckoned with on the national stage.

As much as I believe MLS can grow, and as excited I am over the league’s expansion to Philadelphia, nobody can convincingly argue the U.S. league matches the level of play currently seen in the English, Spanish or Italian leagues —  at least not at this point in time.

The Galaxy have gotten as far with Beckham as they could have possibly hoped.  They boosted ticket sales, cornered the MLS merchandise market, and with a big dollar transfer, LA can cash in one last time.  It’s time to let David do what he does best; play top-flight soccer.

Please don't send me back!

Please don't send me back!


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