Becks/LA Union Lasts as Long as Hollywood Marriage


David Beckham, once deemed “The man charged with revitalizing soccer in the United States” (by yours truly), now seems destined to leaveĀ  the Los Angeles Galaxy after only two years.

Beckham, who is currently on loan to Italian powerhouse AC Milan, is seeking to make that two month loan a prolonged stay. Allow me to be the first to say “Arrivederci!”

His time in Hollywood was not as productive as most would have hoped. In Becks short MLS career he amassed a measely five goals and 12 assists, not the numbers expected by those who foresaw him as soccer’s savior. Despite a slight feeling of resentment towards the international soccer star, this is definitely the best move for my fellow midfielder. The man wants to represent England in the upcoming 2010 World Cup and he needs to perform at a Champions League level to do so. AC Milan boasts a strong team that will help raise Becks’ game back to the level it was before he became complacent in the States.

Despite my undeniable urge to beg and plead with him to stay for the full five years on his contract, this is like a break up that needs to happen. Things just aren’t working out and I’m fairly certain that it’s not you David, it’s U.S.!


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